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The Domain, Sydney

The Sydney Corporate Cup is a unique running event held in the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. The Sydney Corporate Cup in its current form has been held in Sydney since 1988. The Sydney Corporate Cup aims to promote the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney as a location where Sydney's corporate community can come together and participate in a competitive, yet friendly sporting event. The event also aims to encourage appropriate and responsible use of the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney and the Domain.

Each year there are three Sydney Corporate Cup events. Each event runs for a period of approximately 14 weeks. There are 6 competition runs per Series. There is a maximum of 40 teams per Series. The course is 6km around the Domain and Mrs Macquarie's Chair starting and finishing in the Domain. It is open to any organisation that can raise the minimum number of 10 runners required per competition run and abide by the rules of the event.

Under terms of the agreement with the Royal Botanic Garden the event is closed to new teams, but interested organisations are invited to contact the committee as vacancies do occur from time to time.

Duty Roster for Series 84



1st TEAM

2nd TEAM

3-Feb-16 Bridge Street Barbarians CFS Cruisers
17-Feb-16 BT Dominators BT Warriors
24-Feb-16 CGU Champions NRMA Insurance
23-Mar-16 Commonwealth Bank Harriers 1 Commonwealth Bank Harriers 2
30-Mar-16 Computershare Athletic Team (CATs) Computersport
13-Apr-16 Deutsche Springers Environment Clean Green Runners
27-Apr-16 General Committee General Committee

Sydney Corporate Cup Course

The course starts and finishes in Central Avenue near the Domain change rooms between Art Gallery Road and Hospital Road.

Start on the path (Central Avenue) that leads to the restaurant at the opposite end of the Domain. Turn right towards the restaurant then left across the Cahill Expressway bridge in Art Gallery Road. Take care to avoid pedestrians and garden beds in this area.

Art Gallery Road joins Mrs Macquaries Road at the fork in the road. The path proceeds down Mrs Macquaries Road and then turns left towards Farm Cove (1 km). Follow the path down the slope, and then turn right towards Mrs Macquarie's Point. Proceed around the Point. Follow the path along the flat and up a small rise. Take the lower path past the Boy Charlton Pool (2 km).

Continue on the lower path on the left side of Mrs Macquaries Road until you reach the steps that join the path alongside Mrs Macquaries Road. Turn left along the path past the Electrical Sub Station. Turn left again down the long set of steps. Take care when running down the steps, particularly if conditions are wet. Keep left going down the steps unless overtaking.

Turn right at the bottom of the steps, run along Lincoln Crescent, then turn right up the set of steps beside the Cahill Expressway.

Two thirds of the way up these steps turn right and join the path that leads back to Mrs Macquaries Road. The path continues above the Electrical Sub Station (the 3 km point is 50 m past the Sub Station). At the top of the Boy Charlton Pool take the path down to the foreshore to Mrs Macquarie's Point (the 4 km mark is at the bottom of the small hill past Mrs Macquarie's Chair). Continue back along this path beside the Botanic Gardens fence (the 5 km point is just before the bridge across the Cahill Expressway).

Cross the bridge in Art Gallery Road and turn right before the restaurant. Follow the path that leads to Hospital Road. There is a fork in the Domain; keep left. Just before joining Hospital Road, turn left across the grass just past the tree on your left. Run parallel to Hospital Road, keeping the tree on your left. Turn left down the next path, and turn left again at the first path intersection to run back towards the restaurant and away from the finish. At the end of this path, turn hard right to run back along the path (Central Avenue) that leads to the finish (5.9 km).

Good luck and safe running!

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